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Portfolio Vertical Masonry – Lightbox

Alpa Patel Associate
Lewis Render Associate Client Service Specialist
Manish Singh Chief Investment Officer
Della Yudhana Client Service Specialist
Tarek P. Khlat, MBE Co-Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer
Jean-Pierre Aoun Co-Founder & Group Managing Partner
Tom Beadel Director Client Service Specialist
Elvira Pugni Director Relationship Manager
Ashok Harish Bhudia Executive Director & Head of Compliance UK & Monaco
Agnieszka Majdanska Executive Director & Head of Russia and CEE Relationship Manager
Itay Halperin Executive Director Relationship Manager
David O’Connell Group Financial Controller
Zhikai Yeo, CFA Head of Operations
Errie Maksum Partner & CEO Crossbridge Singapore
Stanislav Machula Vice President Client Service Specialist
Anna Rimbert-Valkevych Vice-President Client Service Specialist